Wix Media Platform

The Smartest Way to Host and Deliver Your Media Worldwide

With Wix Media Platform you no longer need to
develop your own media storage.

Based on the same technology that currently supports over 94 million Wix users, our platform lets you easily host all your media.

Develop Your Media Applications for FREE!

  • 2GB of Secure Cloud Storage
  • 50,000 Monthly API Calls
  • 10GB/Month of Egress Bandwidth

Transform Your
Images on the Fly

  • Securely upload & import your existing images
  • Save bandwidth and keep the best image quality using an elaborate API for consuming images
  • Get images back on the fly that are cropped & resizedto fit your responsive layout
  • Add secure watermarks & perform face detection image cropping
  • Manipulate images using provided libraries or directly with REST APIs
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Play Videos
on All Devices

  • Host, serve & transcode your videos for any browser or internet-connected device
  • Quickly develop content-selling applications using secure, authorization-based access
  • Fully control video experience with tunable transcoding profile
  • Develop trailers and video previews using Trimming APIs
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Store Basic and
Professional Audio

  • Choose from the Simple Audio or Professional Audio modes
  • Automatically transcode WAV, FLAC & MP3 files
  • Store secured versions of your audio files for commercial music-selling applications
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